A Pink Potty...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Since the doctor suggested we get a potty for the Bug so she can get used to one...I started looking into them. I went on several different websites and looked at all kinds of potties from musical ones to plain and simple ones. I read reviews, looked at prices, and weighed the pros and cons of each.

After all this hard work, we decided to order the Baby Bjorn potty chair. It was reasonably priced ($27.99) and had literally hundreds of amazing reviews. It is simple, small, and portable. Which will be good when we do start potty training for real and are traveling.

I was kind of waiting around to order it because honestly, it just seems so crazy to me that I am already buying a potty for my sweet baby! One day at the end of last week I was perusing one of my money saving blogs I often read and discovered this same potty on Amazon marked down! I ended up paying $17.03 for this awesome potty!!!

Today I was pleasantly surprised to greet the FedEx man holding a giant box...little did he know what was in it :)

When Bug got up from her nap she sat right down on it to check out it.

As you can see, this big girl loves her pink potty already! Now we just need to get her to potty on it! :)


The Adorables! said...

I *love* that potty! Great choice!