Gymboree Play & Learn

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saturday (Feb. 7) we took Ansleigh to Gymboree Play & Learn for a Valentine's Day party. It was a first for all three of us, but honestly, we had a lot of fun!

Ansleigh had all this awesome equipment to play on and lots of friends her age to play with. It was neat to see all the different babies and the skills they could/could not do. We learned a few things about our bug too :)

  1. She doesn't understand the concept of "sharing." If another kid had something, she wanted it...until they had something else. Then she wanted that.
  2. She's nosy. She had to see what all the other kids were doing.
  3. She really enjoys touching other kids
  4. She is a BIG fan of watching things roll down the slide.
She played with all kinds of amazing toys and even got to make her own Valentine's card complete with handprint and footprint.

I am really interested in taking her back. She needs other babies to play with and I don't plan on having another one soon so we should get her in a class...haha.

Here are some pictures from our fun day:
Ansleigh checking everything out.
Ansleigh playing on the slide
Sliding with Daddy

Crawling through the rolling tunnel. She wasn't so sure of this.
Ansleigh taking toys from little boys.

This is one of my favorites. Notice that Ansleigh is patting that kid on the back. Haha!

Playing ball with the cutest 9 month old little girl!
My favorite! She knows she's adorable :)


Side note about the Gymboree bubbles: they are amazing! They don't pop right on contact. Kids can hold them in their hands. Ansleigh LOVED the bubbles! I think the Easter bunny might need to get a hold of some of these for her Easter basket. :)

To see the rest of the pictures, check out my album on facebook.


Kristen said...

Cute pics Carrie, looks like she had fun! Just wanted to let you know that we have been able to find some neat Tot classes at local and surrounding community centers and parks and recreation centers for really good prices. The libraries here also have free storytime and music classes for the tots. We've met a lot of people that way, and Ellie has had lots of fun with the other kids!