Ski Trip

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday, around lunch time, we loaded up from Aunt Nancy's and headed on up to Sugar Moutain Ski Resort. It took us about 2 hours to get there and then we needed to get checked in, find our cabin, and start unloading. After all that was done (which took quite a while), we walked around a little bit and then went to rent our ski equipment and buy lift tickets for the next day.

Wednesday, we all slept in and had a late breakfast before bundling up in our ski/snow gear. We even bundled up Anna Cate and Ansleigh and took them to see the snow. Wednesday might not have been the best day to take the girls over to the snow since there were 40 mph winds and they were blowing "snow" which was really just sharp chips of ice. Anna Cate (almost 2) got blown down by the wind once and she was done. Ansleigh didn't even give it a chance really, although both girls looked DANG cute in their snow gear. :o)

Nana and Papa took the girls back to the condo while we--and by we, I really mean Chad & Rachel--started teaching Turner how to ski. It took him a while to catch on. After spending quite some time on the crowded bunny slope, Anthony and I took the lift up and skiied down "Easy Street" before going and checking on Turner again. I think the best part of the afternoon was me falling, not once, but twice standing STILL, in the line to get back up the bunny slope. Idiot. Haha.

Once my toes and fingers were painfully numb from the cold, I headed back over to the cabin with Chad & Turner. Everyone else kept skiing. The ski slopes were closed everyday from 4:30 to 6 p.m. so that is when we thawed out and ate an early supper each day.

Once the slopes were opened back up, we bundled back up and headed back over. It was colder and windier, but there were hardly any people skiing which made the lift lines super short. I went with Anthony up to the top of the moutain a few times. There were tons of icy spots (which = me falling) and the snow blowers were blinding me (which = me falling).
Everyone else seemed to be having a blast but being the weenie that I am, I went back to the cabin. About 10:30 everyone else came pounded back and they looked hilarious! They were covered in snow that was stuck to them. It was awesome.

Thursday, we slept in again and right about the time we were getting ready to head over to the slopes, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Bill, Kyliee, and Austin showed up to spend some time with us. Turner decided not to ski that day and stay and play with his cousins. Uncle Bill went skiing with the rest of us. Thursday the weather and the conditions were so much better! Everyone really had a great time skiing although we did have trouble finding each other.

Friday was our last day of skiing and we had so much fun! Turner was AMAZING! We skipped the bunny slopes with him and just went on over to "Easy Street." By his second trip down that slope, he was skiing by himself!!! Kid is 5 and was skiing by himself. We were all so proud! We even took him over and skiied down the yellow slope several times. The lift lines were kind of long so we got to talk to him while we were waiting and he kept saying, "Man, I sure am having so much fun." My heart melted everytime. Finally, we had only enough time left for one more trip down the moutain that afternoon and Chad decided he was going to take Turner to the top of the moutain. Let me say that again. CHAD WANTED TO TAKE HIS 5-YEAR-OLD SON TO THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN! Well, he did, although Rachel and I had no part in it. Anthony went with them. Turns out, Turner did amazing and skiied all the way down the mountain! He is such a pimp :o) (in a 5-year-old kind of way).

Friday night we skiied until we almost couldn't ski any more. Rachel and I headed back over about 9:30 even though the slopes didn't close until 10 because we needed to get started getting packed up.

Saturday morning we loaded everything up and drove the 8ish hours back to Troy, Alabama. It was a long trip was it was so much fun! We love spending time with the Friday's and hated that we had to get up and and drive another 7 or 8 hours to get back here.

The ski trip was a blast and I have the bruises to prove it. We can't wait to get the chance to do it again!


Denise said...

Looks like a fun, slightly painful ski trip. I love all the pictures.