Bargains Galore!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

So most of you know I *might* be just a *tad* bit obsessed with children's clothes. Well today I have been randomly finding bargain after bargain so I thought I'd share them with you :)

Bargain #1:
Ragsland--all the stuff in their "outlet" and "Fall 08" section are 50% off and if you type in the code "weekend" today, you get an extra 15% off each item (or maybe it's off your total purchase). There is a ton of fall stuff that you can buy and put up for next year while the gettin' is good, or you if you look in the outlet, they have spring and summer stuff available too. The only problem is that they don't have tons of sizes left. Good luck!
Bargain #2:
Remember Nguyen--they have these amazing beautiful smocked dresses and outfits (boy stuff too!) for super cheap (considering retail price). Granted, I only looked at the girl stuff, but everything I looked at was mostly b/w $20-$30 for these rediculously expensive, beautiful dresses. Seriously, I almost peed in my pants. They have TONS of sizes available plus fall, winter, spring, and summer clothing!!!! You can't lose!

When you get to the site, look to your right and click "clearance" in either girls or boys.

Bargain #3:
Chez Ami--probably one of my two favorite brands, they have their fall stuff (from this past fall) on clearance for 50% off. From the site, click on sale and then you have to click on each collection individually (which is kind of annoying, but whatever).

What I really want to mention is that they have their fabrics on sale!!!!! For the next couple of days all their fabric (knits & wovens) are all 30% off. If you are into sewing...look here! They have fabric you won't find anywhere else.

Bargain #4:
Kelly's Kids--definitely my favorite. Currently they have (if you go to the site and click "outlet") their Fall 08 and Spring 08 stuff on sale. They really don't have a lot left in the spring stuff but if you find your kid's size in something you will be getting an amazing deal.

Bargain #5:
Best Dressed Child--the link should take you straight to the sale part, but if not, on the left hand side of the site you will see "75% off Clearance Bin"....that's right ladies and gentleman, 75% PERCENT OFF!!!!!!!!

Here you will find brands such as Sweet Potatoes, Funtasia, Kate Mack, Secret Wishes, Royal Child, Be Mine, Baby Nay, Will'beth, and tons of others! There are girl clothes, boy clothes, and brother sister, or little sister/big sister matching/coordinating outfits. They also have socks and shoes on clearance. Clothing range covers all seasons. You can find dress clothes, play clothes, coats, and even swimwear and coverups, you can even find Halloween costumes!!!

Bargain #6:
Gymboree--is having their semi-annual sale where you can save up to 60% off, plus, if you spend $75 today (WHICH I WON'T, but you might), you will get 20-25% off regular priced items February 20-22.

If you are unfamiliar with Gymboree, they have lots of "lines" of clothing with tons of pieces that you can mix and match. Plus they tend to have coordinating items so you can dress your kids similarly.

All of these clothing lines are well worth the investment so it really is a huge deal when you find them at bargain prices. The clothes hold up well and can be passed from child to child. Plus, I've found that with the smocked bishop-style dresses, usually your child can wear them for much longer than just one size/season. Most of them have deep hems that can be let out as the child gets older to get much more wear out of the dress. Definately worth the money if you have it to spend.

While you may be thinking "Gosh she spends a ton of money on clothes," let me reassure you that 99% of the time, I don't. I bargain hunt. I buy most of this amazing stuff on ebay, often "used" where it has been worn once by a child for pictures, but most of these prices are "ebay prices" for brand new clothes.

If you do find some deals and end up getting some stuff, please comment and let me know. I like to know that I'm helping people. Plus, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE children's clothes.

If you want me to keep posting bargains like this, comment and let me know and I will.

Enjoy your bargains!


Denise said...

This post is going to get me in so much trouble. I was just thinking about all the Remember dresses that MSN has and looking to get some more and you post this....I'm excited but going to get in trouble. Thanks.

Lacey said...

I so don't like you for this post, but I love you! This got me in trouble! I LOVE Remember Nguyen! Always have, but have never gone to the site. I'll post pictures when the outfits get here. Please post any sales you find - I always need the help!