Wednesday, January 14, 2009

That's right...

Buggy is 13 months old today!

It blows my mind just thinking of it.

She's getting so big! Here are some of the things she is doing:

  • her most frequent word these days (other than momma) is "hey." She'll just say it over and over again to you...and complete strangers. "Hey." "Hey." "Hey (giggle)." "Hey." You need to hear it. Precious.
  • she has 5 teeth as of today with a 6th one about to cut through--two bottom, followed by two top, followed by the next top left, and currently cutting next top right.
  • she is VERY close to walking. She takes several steps everywhere and can even stand up by herself (without pulling up on something).
  • she has long conversations with her self in what sounds something similar to Chinese. Just trust me on this one...very funny.
  • she loves to play chase (crawling).
  • she bounces up and down and sways (dancing) whenever she hears music. She usually looks at you to make sure you are watching her perform. :)
  • has taken to taking all the alphabet letters off the fridge and hiding them under the fridge. Thanks for that, really.
  • Just to amuse you, she has just moved up to a size 2-3 diaper. Seriously.
  • Spends most of her time during the day holding a book. She even carried one into Subway tonight. She prefers to read alone though...don't you dare try and take her book and read it to her. It's "minhhhh" (mine)--which is also another word she knows.
  • She is VERY familiar with the word no and will shake her head at me and smile.
  • She can now eat cereal or any food out of a bowl (minus the milk, of course) without making too huge of a mess.
  • Her favorite thing to eat? Grilled cheese.
  • She still takes a morning nap and an afternoon nap. If she misses the morning nap, she will take an evening nap too.
  • Will drink as much milk and water as you give her but WILL NOT drink juice. Any kind of juice. Period. You might as well forget it.
  • LOVES having playmates...you can tell she really misses her cousins (T and AC).
  • Has really taken to her pacifier in the past few months but won't freak out if she doesn't have it.
  • Has grown attached to her pink blanket (like the one I had). She wants it with her at almost all times. We've had to start purchasing spares so that we can always have one, even when the other is in the washing machine. She likes to touch it and pull it up to her face. I don't know where she gets that from.
  • I am estimating that she weighs close to 22lbs. We'll find out on the 21st at her 1 year check up.
Well that's about all I can think of for now. If you are curious about anything else she may or may not be doing, just ask :)

Love yall!


Rachel said...

They miss her too! :)