Bug's First Birthday

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ansleigh's first birthday was wonderful! She was surrounded by friends and family who all love her very much. :o)

She even had some love sent to her in the mail from friends and family who couldn't be here.

Friday night my mom, dad, sister, and bro-in-law all arrived and we finished all the last minute preparations for the party Saturday morning. My sister and I put the cutest cupcake holders on Ansleigh's ladybug cupcakes that I made while my mom iced Ansleigh's ladybug cake that I baked. Anthony and Jon went to take care of balloons and my dad played with Ansleigh and helped me bake cookies.

Her cupcake holders
Aunt Sissy decorating cookiesDaddy doing his part, licking the bowl

Saturday morning everyone started tackling our to-do list. Finally, it was time to relax and enjoy the day!

Here are a few pictures:

Ansleigh wasn't really interested in her cake...she was a fan of the cookies. She liked playing with the bows and ribbon from the presents and really did her best to prevent her "boyfriend", Logan, from playing with any of her toys. The grown-ups seemed to have just as much fun as the kiddos. There was frisbee throwing, swinging, chatting, and all kinds of fun.

Ansleigh was so blessed with wonderful people at her party and wonderful gifts that we really appreciate! We spent the morning playing at the park, opening presents, and eating yummy treats.

Thanks so much to Brian Newby for taking these incredible pictures of our sweet girl's big day.

Yesterday was Ansleigh's actual birthday and I have to say that I spent the day remembering at all times what I was doing throughout this day last year. Although our day was spent watching family leave, church festivities, and other busy things, I was extremely sentimental all day. Last night at 10:16 pm, while we were in the car pulling into the driveway, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Ansleigh. It is so hard to believe that just like that, a whole year has gone by.


Denise said...

I love her cake! It is so cute. We did ladybug 1st birthday too.