A LONG Trip North

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yesterday morning we pulled out of our driveway at 8 A.M. sharp headed up north to Alabama. Considering the length of the trip, it went pretty well with only two stops (one near Valdosta, Georgia, and the other in Villa Rica, Georgia).

We were anxious to see how Ansleigh would do this go-around. We moved her up to her "big girl" forward-facing car seat. The question of the day was, "Will she sleep?"


Not a wink.

Well maybe more like 20 minutes worth of winks...for the whole day.

Mommy had the bright idea to bring the portable dvd player and Ansleigh watched her Handy Manny dvd a grand total of 4 times. That's a good 7 hours of Handy Manny. Nice.

The farther we got into Georgia the more beautiful the view was. It was fall! We saw wonderful shades or yellow, orange, and red.
Honestly though, the best thing we saw was this:
That meant only about 30 more minutes left.

Another wonderful sight for sore eyes was the beautiful Auburn-like sunset...a tad of orange and some blue.
When we got to Lolli & Pop's house Ansleigh was showered with kisses and given some cookies. Ansleigh was so happy to be out of her car seat!

Ansleigh was given a grand tour to get reacquainted with the house and to see all Lolli's Christmas trees. [These pictures are posted just so yall will know I get it honest]

A terrible picture of Ansleigh's tree...it has lollipops on it...get it?

The tree in Christina's room (Silver, Red, Teal)
Another terrible picture but of the tree in my mom's room
Sunroom Mantel
Not good picture of the Sunroom (main ) Christmas tree
Our good buddy, Jack.
My favorite...the Red Bird Tree

Mom still has all the living room decorations to put up. There is a red & gold butterfly tree, all the mantel decor, and a bunch of other mess that is fabulous. :o)

Twenty years, this will be me.
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Rachel said...

Yep, you get it honest! Love, love, love all your mom's trees! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS...MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY!