Can You Tell the Difference?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

End Table #1 --Target. com $64. 99

End Table $36.62

Let me explain....

We've been in discussions of getting new end tables for the living room. Anthony keeps his laptop on one and his xbox controller and various cords beside it (between the end table and couch). Since our our buggy, Ansleigh has started doing her dangedest to crawl, she immediately makes a beeline for that table--no matter where you put her. She goes after his computer cord and then when she is denied, she has figured out how to reach her arm in between the end table and couch and get Daddy's cords and his controller. I mentioned to Anthony that if we got a new end table (the ones we have are mine from that had a drawer, we could store things like cords and controllers in it and then we would not have quite as much to worry about and they would still be convenient.

We agreed that some new end tables might be in order. Tonight I started looking online and we were astonished at how expensive end tables are! We found one that we thought we could deal with the price of and it was exactly what we were looking for; it was on It was also one of their cheaper ones. The only problem? It was still $65 and really, we need two. I decided I would look at, just to see what they had and saw one I thought looked really nice. I showed it to Anthony and mentioned how it was very similar to the target one we was VERY similar. I pulled up the two pictures side by side and low-and-behold, IT IS THE SAME PICTURE!!!!!!! It even has the same books on it.

Normally, this wouldn't bother me, but considering that we ordered two from walmart and spent $70ish dollars and would have only gotten one from target for almost the same price really gets me.

Isn't this crazy???

I guess it goes to show that before you buy, you should research :o)