Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We've had portraits scheduled for Ansleigh for a couple of weeks. The lady, Cindy Lowery, who took my wedding pictures, blew us off (TWICE).

I was so angry but God reminded me that His plans aren't always my plans. He had something better up His sleeve.

At the last minute, we got another lady to do Ansleigh's pictures...Rissie B :o)

She was AMAZING and was great with the baby (and with us). Everything was super relaxed and the lady couldn't have been nicer. Even better, the proofs are already up online.

Check them out:
Click on proofs, then click on "Fair"

**WARNING** You might pee in your pants they are so amazing! :o)

On another note: Delta moved my flight from Wednesday night to Thursday afternoon so I'll be one day later getting back home.


Rachel said...

I freakin' LOVE her pictures....so cute!

Hugs said...

Beautiful!! I LOVE the cheerleader pic. :)