Back From our Trip...on a Better "Rocket" Ship

Monday, August 25, 2008

Late last night Ansleigh and I FINALLY returned back to (never thought I'd say this) good ol' Florida.

We were supposed to come home on Wednesday, but thanks to Fay, that got moved to Thursday, which ultimately ended up being Saturday night.

Last time we were in Anniston, I blogged almost every day but this time I was too busy "supervising" Lolli monogramming all Ansleigh's clothes and tanning in her tanning bed :o)

I posted a blog about our first night there...
The rest of the trip was pretty relaxed but I will tell you, Ansleigh changed SO MUCH in the week-and-a-half we were there! She started eating table food (my fear!!! I'm so scared she is going to choke), started scooting (oh no!), starting saying "da da da" and "la la la" and once or twice we even heard a "pop" although I doubt it was intentional. She is also an amazing sitter now. She even stands with little assistance!

Sitting up...Lolli was scared the hard wood floors would hurt if she fell.

While we were there, I spent a little time (no where near enough) with my bff Amy and her sweet kids, Luke (almost 7!!!!), and Ashlyn (2). On Saturday, I rode with Dad over to see their new house they are building and it is beautiful!
Amy & Andrew's new house...
Sweet Ashlyn

Ansleigh met the kitties for the first time (they were kept confined the last time we were there). She LOVES them. Okay, I don't think you understand....she FREAKS every time she sees them! She gets so excited and stiffens up and grunts at them with a huge smile on her face. She would try her hardest to get to them. Two of the three learned early to stay away from her, but somehow, Milkshake seemed to keep coming back for more. She would try to pet them and then grab hands full of hair! She also found a tail a few times :o)
Playing with Milkshake

She and her Pop spent a lot of time together. He hung an outside swing up in the house for her...from the ceiling. He also spent lots of time feeding her teddy grahams, ritz crackers, bananas, ICE CREAM !?!?!, and pretty much anything else he was eating. Wowza. I basically just had to close my eyes because he totally did not listen to anything I said. He'd just grin at me :o)
Watching tv with Pop
The swing...
Playing with Pop Pop
The first of many rides on the tractor with Pop

Ansleigh had her first taste of cheese biscuits from Red Lobster (a Fair family Friday night dinner tradition) and went to the Olive Garden (one of my favs!) for the first time! She went several times to Target with Lolli and Pop and Pop took her down the toy aisle and anything she grabbed, she got to keep. Haha! She ended up with a Tigger, and a baby piano, and last but not least, an incredible annoying baby that cries and says "mama" and is motion-activated. The thing WILL NOT turn off. Ugh. Luckily, I made sure to leave it at their house and not bring it back with us... :o)
First time at Olive Garden
Going to dinner another night
On Tuesday night, we had a family dinner at Mimi's and Ansleigh got to see a few faces for the second time and got to meet her third cousin (my cousin's daughter) MacKenzie and her Great Aunt Opal. Ansleigh LOVED MacKenzie...MacKenzie wasn't quite as excited about Ansleigh.
MacKenzie, Great Uncle Roger, and Ansleigh

Playing with MacKenzie's toy...MAC was showing her how to do it :o)
Great Great Aunt Opal

Other random things to note:
  • I thought I'd get TONS of sleep while I was on my vacation...not so much the case. Ansleigh makes all kinds of noises in her sleep (we were in the same room) and when you add that to the kitties running up and down the hall way all night, it makes for an unrestful night's sleep. I finally started going to sleep with my ipod on so I couldn't hear any of the other noise. A few mornings I took her to my mom's room and put her in the bed with Lolli and went back to bed. :o) That's what grandmas are for, right?
  • Ansleigh had tons of ebay prizes there waiting for us and got more almost every day! Lolli has a HUGE box she is mailing us because it wouldn't fit in my suitcase.
  • She now has about ten (yes, 10) pairs of shoes in size 2...her current size. It is SO AWESOME! I love it!
  • While we were there, we had Ansleigh's pictures made. I think I blogged about that. They were FREAKIN AMAZING.
  • I was SO incredibly happy to be back home. When we got to the house and got settled, the first thing I did was go and get in my bed. It felt like Heaven. I slept oh-so-good last night. So good, in fact, that Anthony let me sleep this morning and catch up on my rest I didn't get on my trip. The bad part about that is that we missed church. Ooops.
  • This afternoon we discovered we had an ant infestation!!!!! Boo. They were everywhere! By the window, by the door, in the floor, in the couch, under the couch, on all our blankets. Ugh. It was awful and a pain in our rears. Once we found them all and stopped freaking out, it was kind of fun killing them all...haha.
That's pretty much all for now...check myspace and facebook for additonal pictures :o)

Oh and I have a surprise for all of you....

I chopped my hair off.



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