Upcoming Excitement!!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

No, this isn't a post of random pictures of my ridiculously cute kid (although I should!).

This is just a brief little update to let everyone know about the wonderfully exciting events that are coming our way:

  • This weekend (Mother's Day weekend) my mom is flying down to spend the weekend with Ansleigh and me (and Anthony too...). Dad surprised her and got me to help him get a plane ticket for her as her Mother's Day gift. Very, very exciting!!!!
  • Next weekend, party at the Friday's. Okay, well, sort of. Next weekend will be an explosion of Friday's because Chad, Rachel, Turner, & Anna Cate are coming to visit prior to their Disney trip! We adore them and think that it is cruel and unusual punishment that we can't live next door to them. We've only seen them twice since we moved (booo!) so we are so completely excited about having a few days with them!
Pictures will be coming soon!

Lots of love!


jessluv2cheer said...

I would like to welcome you to CMS. I enjoyed working with you during tryouts and I think you have a lot of great ideas. I am happy to welcome your influence to the team. Enjoy the time with your Mom!

Denise said...

How much fun to have your mom come! And I know you can't wait for that other Friday crew to come visit. They bring with them lots of fun and excitement! I miss them too. Have a happy Mother's day!