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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

There is so much to update everyone on and I'm the loser that keeps thinking about it, and then I haven't posted it.

Here is how we spent our Memorial Day weekend:
My Mother's Day gift from Anthony and Ansleigh was a spa day. :o) I went this weekend to the Imperial Salon and Spa (some really ritzy place in Suntree/Viera). I got a massage, an amazing facial, and a manicure! It was so wonderful. I felt like a million dollars when I got home!
Other things this weekend, I finally went shopping for clothes for myself. I don't do that...ever. I've been struggling with buying clothes because I don't want to spend money buying clothes and then lose more weight but at the same time, I need something to wear. I finally broke down and went shopping by myself! I went to the Outlets at Vero Beach and they were having wonderful sales due to Memorial Day! I got so many wonderful things to wear and it was so much fun! I had a certain amount of money I could spend on clothes for me and I did it! Usually I end up spending money on Ansleigh or Anthony or both and not myself but I was pretty good this time! I only bought Ansleigh ONE thing and it was just a polo tshirt that was 75% off. I did buy Anthony a few things but that's because he would end up going naked if I never bought him stuff :o) The point is, I had an AMAZING weekend doing stuff for ME!
Sunday night we went over to the Jackson's for a Band of Brothers marathon and we were joined by Jessica and Michael Howell! It was a lot of fun!

Last night we went over to the Riley's for a cookout! It was so much fun! We had hamburgers and brats, corn, veggies, and tons of other stuff. We had some good quality grown-up time while all the kiddos were snoozing, except Logan (Ansleigh's boyfriend), who was crawling under the table the whole time. :o)

That's right, that is a picture of my Florida Teacher's Certificate :o) I got it in the mail this weekend. We've made the decision (and by we, I really mean me, because Anthony supports me whatever I want to do) to go back to teaching in one more year. I wanted to be at home with Ansleigh when she was little because I didn't want to miss any of her firsts. When I go back she will be working on two years old and all the major firsts will be over with. I am VERY excited about this opportunity. I feel such a peace about this. I know that this is what God wants us to do. This year I'm going to coach cheerleaders at Central and substitute teach some, just to make a little extra moolah and to get a feel for the different area schools. We're also exploring the idea of me working on my master's degree (possibly during this year at home). Be praying for us as we consider all of our options concerning this and that God will be preparing a place for me at a school around here.
Other things to update you on:

  • Ansleigh's favorite "solid" food so far has been green beans. She's had sweet potatoes, squash, apple sauce, sweet peas (which she hated), and green beans, plus oatmeal and rice cereal.
  • She is still such a tiny little thing! Thankfully, she is growing a little bit because she's FINALLY starting to fit into her 3-6 months clothes and her size 1-2 diapers!
  • She still won't sit up by herself and I know babies are different but I just want her to be able to do it! She wants to sit up though, you can see her trying to pull herself up when she's laying on her back. It's cute :o)
  • She's finally letting Anthony feed her...sometimes. I'll take sometimes over never.
Chad and Rachel were so sweet to bring us Anna Cate's clothes she's outgrown! Hand-me-downs are so much fun! I love looking through all of them and Anna Cate always has on such cute outfits that it was super-exciting to know that Ansleigh will get to wear all of it too :O) The picture above is of all the clothes they brought us! Included in all of this was a cute little swimmy, a smocked Halloween dress, a smocked Christmas/Winter outfit, an Auburn dress, a Feltman Brothers dress and TONS of summer clothes! THANKS CHAD & RACHEL!!!!
When I last posted pictures, I posted pictures of some of Ansleigh's prizes from her Lolli. Little did I realize, I forgot to photograph and post my very favorite!!! Her Feltman Brother's Heirloom dress! This is what she will be wearing for her baby dedication (whenever that is).

One other thing to note, Anthony's computer died again. Boo! BUT...on the positive side, Best Buy is finally going to give him a new one.

And last but not least, the countdown to the Sex and the City movie has begun!!!!!! I'm going Friday night to see it...Anyone interested in going with me, let me know! So far it is just me and Lauren.


The St. John Family said...

Wish I could be there to go to the movie with you! Can not wait to see you soon!

Lacey said...

Well, I support you whatever you do and I am so excited for you! I've never really seen Sex in the City, so you'll have to let me know if I'd even understand the movie!