Sweet Home Alabama!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yesterday Ansleigh was babysat by her Mimi (my grandmother) while I went to pick up Anthony at the airport in Birmingham. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be and she did really well--or at least Mimi says she did. The drive to and from Birmingham was beautiful. I had forgotten how pretty all the hills and moutains are and with the trees blossoming, it was just wonderful! We don't have real trees or hills or mountains in Florida so it was a breath of fresh air for me!

We have been LOVING our time here in Alabama. It feels like we're back home, but I guess home is where your heart is and mine never left here. Ansleigh seems to like the cooler weather. It is perfect here...still winter with a touch of spring. Last night it was so cold (upper 20's, low 30's) that I slept with 2 pairs of socks on!!!! :o) I didn't realize how much I really miss being here until we were here for a few days. Alabama really is a beautiful, wonderful state. Those of you who still live here, cherish it!

Last night we had Friday night dinner at Red Lobster (as is the Fair tradition) and welcomed home Jon & Christina. Jon has been in Iraq until a week ago. We ate dinner with the St. John's and it was fun. Christina, bless her, was SO excited to see Ansleigh! As we came in through the restaurant she ran at us and took the baby from me :o)

Today Nana is coming home from the hospital and tomorrow will be Ansleigh's first Easter! We are so excited!

Pictures to come soon!