Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ok so Lolli bought Ansleigh this Auburn outfit and this Auburn swimmy suit on Ebay! (Yes, I know the Fair girls are addicted!) When my kid grows into this outfit ( 2T) she will SOOOO be the cutest kid at the Auburn football game that everybody is staring at!
Also, we have decided it is official...our kid sleeps through the night. She also cries all freakin day but that's another story.
TECHNOLOGY NEWS: My super awesome laptop is on the way to come live with us! Yay! And...Anthony found the part (on ebay :o) ) to fix his laptop and found a guy from First Baptist that had to do the same thing to his so yay...we won't be replacing an xbox anytime soon (hopefully!)

OTHER NEWS: We are cooking up the best birthday present EVER for my mother...shh...it is a secret! More to come about that later!
Our good friends John & Lacey are having a little girl, Ella Clare (Ansleigh's best friend) this spring and Lacey called today to let us know Ella Clare got her newest package of hand-me-downs from Ansleigh. I am honestly so excited for them! I'm not sure if I was this excited about my own kid! I love being able to share my experiences and our stuff with someone, especially someone we love so much! It just sucks that we live in Cuba and can't be closer so the girls can play together. Speaking of Ella Clare, we are cooking up a pretty awesome present for her and the best part is that Ansleigh will have the same...TWINS! Shh....that's a secret too :o)

Tomorrow is an off-Friday...yay! Ansleigh and I will get to spend some time with Anthony and I will get to go to Publix (my favorite grocery store EVER) child-less!

Well time for a shower...toodles!