A New Season...A New Haircut

Sunday, February 3, 2008

When I was in my freshman Bible study group at Auburn, we had such an intimate group. At one session, we were discussing life changes and how women always get their hair cut when there is a big change in their lives (ex: a break up, a move, etc.). Just as other conversations you have float in and out of memory, this one comes to me every now and then.

Recently I've been thinking about it and I realized it is true. When Anthony and I started dating, I cut off my long hair. When we got married, I cut my hair. When I graduated college and got a job teaching, I got my hair cut. Now, I've had a baby and I began to realize that my hair was a hassle. While I typically like my hair best long, it isn't always best for my life and now is one of those times. Ansleigh gets it all wound up in her little hands and tugs away (a painful experience for me). I hardly have time to do anything with it aside from a ponytail and when I do find a rare moment I do something with my hair, it takes FOREVER because it is so long.

Yesterday, I took the plunge. I went to see the infamous Deano and traded my long locks for a shorter, more grown-up, easier to manage look.

Once again it has proven true...a life change = a hair cut!


Hugs said...

Amen! I do remember that intimate group and that conversation is so true. I love the new look. I'm actually trying to make myself go back and trim mine. Hard to do when you love long locks! Pass my love on to the family.